mauricio rodriguez

MIT SA+P Studio 7-432

The studio 7-432 is one of the main undergraduate design studios for the MIT School of Architecture + Planning. As interest in design and technology has increased, MIT-SA+P has developed its introductory design studio as a program of first principles appealing to a wide variety of students majoring in many disciplines.
To maximize student interaction, SA+P sought to expand the area of its primary studio to accommodate the full program enrollment in a single space.
A linear steel mezzanine was designed to increasing the studio floor plate by 20% and maximizing the capacity of the studio with minimal impact on existing structure and utilities. The insertion of the steel structure compensated foir structural limitations of the original 1930’s infrastructure while complying with the complexities of multiple building codes impacting the design. The mezzanine plan maintains the flexibility of the studio to accommodate many small groups of students with individual instructors within one large studio space. The project utilized custom designed elements prefabricated off site and erected during a 12-week summer break between classes.

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