mauricio rodriguez

MIT Huntington Hall 10-250

The physical and spiritual heart of the MIT campus is the Great Dome of Building 10. The heart of Building 10, is Huntington Hall ( Lecture Hall 10-250 ), MIT’s most significant lecture hall and one of its largest. At a capacity of 425 seats, it is the site of MIT’s most popular classes and its most important public events.

As the most programmed space on campus, Huntington Hall could only be taken “off-line” for a single semester. Demolition and new construction began in January of 2008 and was complete in September in time for the first class of the fall semester, Introduction to Solid State Chemistry. During this compressed construction schedule all MEP services were replaced, acoustics enhanced by adjusting the envelope and the selection of finishes, new lighting was installed throughout, new seating incorporating power and data distribution systems were installed and a sophisticated audio/visual system was installed with the capability of campus-wide broadcast, internet connectivity and distance learning live-streaming to Singapore and MIT consortium partners around the globe.

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