mauricio rodriguez

MX Snowdome

Part of Xanadu Meadowlands, a Retail and entertainment complex the Snowdome with its 250,000 of square footage is the first building of its type in North America. The Snowdome is an indoor sky facility that is capable to generate real snow, the type of snow that will satisfy the most demanding skiers around the world all year long.

In conjunction with the designer of the Snowdome and the whole complex The Rockwell Group of New York, and the Base Building executive architect  Adamson Associates of Canada it was possible to achieve the goals that client had set for this building on a very tight budget and demanding schedule .

Through the extensive use of advanced 3d modeling techniques, it was possible to design and facilitate the coordination of the  multiple stages of the construction processes with consultant teams and the construction manager of a building with a particular set of requirements both in the technological and architectural fields.

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