mauricio rodriguez


This project proposes the possibility of interaction between personal and collective memory through the projection of historical artifacts. It will provide the community (the local as well as the visitors), with an interactive and porous third space, a common space of exchange between the micro history and the macro history.

Ultimately, this project intent to provide a space of empowerment for the city and its visitors, facilitating the awareness of the past events that constitute a collage in History. Women and men are a vital part of this mosaic, not only as spectators, but also as producers of these memories, and, in addition, as producers of a legacy.

Participants in this experience will have the ability to “upload” a collection of their own imagery directly into the building video system, which in turn is projected as a random collage on ribbon type semi-transparent screens.  With Boston as the backdrop, viewers’ personal histories are displayed in conjunction with other iconic images, synced to their location within the building’s network of ramps through the use of sensor devices, thus creating an individually tailored “image program”.

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